Sunday, June 29, 2008

What is retirement.This is, and real funny indeed.

Friday, June 27, 2008

See with your tongue

I remember telling one of my friends about this revolution from a nice site that showcase various combination of technologies and fields, and when i first saw this piece of brought smiles to many people.

And here it goes.

Daniel Sieberg reports on a revolutionary technology. Brainport sends electrical impulses to the tongue, using tiny cameras as eyes, essentially creating a picture for blind people.
---By CBS News Video

it's a nice site.


--I'll spin the wheels.

Agree,agree with me.

Among the choices,making one after another,i do not regret for not choosing the other.

If stability is what you want, why leave anyway.
Agree,agree with me.

If better pay is what you seek, why so anyway.
Agree,agree with me.

It's just that great now.
Getting flexible, coffee anytime,
take a slow relaxing walk at the beach with my dog, or walk around wearing no watch on my wrist, visiting the workshop once a while, chatting with the rest for hours.

I say, enjoy the day.
Life is that much fun doing things with passion, no matter how busy it seems.
Agree,agree with me.

Monday, June 23, 2008

No title on 23 June 2008

Attended Yunqin's wedding yesterday night at Furama Riverfront, then i realise I've been there helping out with one of my mate's wedding in another ballroom. She must be the most happening bride of all we must say, the bride that interacts more than any weddings I've attended and the groom,oh so shy.Perhaps mostly due to so many years of friendship since high school, that's like ten over years. And meeting up the rest of the gangs during the few hours dinner, is just so great.

I start going to high school, i need to join ECAs to get more points, Air Rifle Club and Chinese Orchestra. I swear if I've the time, i should be in almost 3/4 of the activities in school.Every Saturday was spent playing instruments and shooting target board,coins and dead cockroaches and all the puppy love, homework and games on weekdays.

School days in the 1990s, nobody worries much.

Then we got our results, and we moved on.
Some went to further their studies, some went on to work, some left the country seeking their dreams,
Over the years, many got married or planning to, in near future.

Some relationships turns sour after just a few years, but most went strong and stay beautiful to walk hand-in-hand till hair turns grey.

Once a while, You get to meet up for gathering and see how everyone is doing, some boost about their careers while some are frank, some lies about the sudden career switch while some lost contacts over the years.
Some calls you up suddenly after so long for a reason, while some meet up once a while just for pure gathering, that is so sweet and the relationship stays strong.

The second millennium came, known as Y2K where we belongs and that's my name in short form.It's here where i brought my new spectacles, with reviewed vision and clearer pictures, with each comes different understandings on different platforms.

Y2k where papers are everything,4Cs(car,condo,credit and cash) are never enough for most.People starts comparing on 2 Q's.
Qualities and Quantities.

By now, you should have plenty of experiences,knowing how to go about, how to see with your eyes, think with your brain and lastly came the feel from your heart.

At this point, it's all about my family,career and true friends to begin with, on the next chapter in life, not on a chapter but on a new book.

**With F7 before any saving paragraphs, new sentences and no more neglecting family as the start.

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is the Life

Sunday, June 15, 2008

F40-up the volume.

Human Footprint

A small portion of a person's lifetime consumption of milk.
Photograph courtesy National Geographic Channel

Footprint, the title of my previous blog.It says much about the coverage.
Footprint, it's different from people to people.
Human Footprint, i watched it on Nat Geo.

It's that good.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Sunday, June 1, 2008

i was reading...

"Where's the Yung fella?! Haha a man full of wisdom, coffee and cigarettes. Learnt a lot about life from him, which at least made me dun feel so bored about life in this world. He's really a very organised, responsible and knowledgeable guy. Took great care of us and also not forgetting the time we worked till 0300! Will remember your coffee forever haha!"

Feeling quite emo, as i was reading...nevermind about the friends you've lost contacts with, you guys will bump into each other for sure, that the path you are heading, and nevermind if you lost contact with.

For thank God you've me, my friend.
My friend, Benjamin.