Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Live to be a better man

It's pretty weird how things can turn out in a matter of time, on a usual day.
My dear mum actually slipped and fell while riding her bicycle on a wet morning.
Upon impact, she hit the handle bar and the next moment she was sent to the hospital.
She had a pair of very swollen eyes, broken nose and her cheek bones fractured due to the impact.

Took some urgent leave and accompanied her. She was later transferred to another hospital for operation that took about 4 hours, to remove the fractured pieces of bones, to cut a small portion of her skull to replace those on the cheek. Once healed, we'd have to see if the operation is a success, if not, a second operation.

We can all curse and swear, blame the weather or blame the world.
We get nothing out of it, seriously. Oh, maybe something like getting a type A personality, higher blood pressure and sore-throat after all the cursing. I just hope my sis can stop grumbling and move on.

Some people are strangers we never met, just like Dr Karen Sng and the rest of her department. Yet they and the rest are those that are always there working with selfless devotion. I have not met her before, neither do i have the chance to. I hope my email to the department can convey my best wishes from the deepest of my heart, through digital format right before their eyes.

For those who are by my side and for those who cared.
The doctors, nurses and all others,
Thank you from the deepest of my heart.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What you see,feel or react mainly depends on how you wish to capture and separate with.
At times, you first need to turn around it

Tagging along

I was informed i'm actually inside holding a little black box.
I still do that, but with another type of box through another type of lens.