Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 2009

Everyone has a heart, a heart at any one point of time in many views
Might be going at triple speed than you can imagine just like being in a roller coaster ride
Everyone stands tall in their own unique stance yet even the strongest might fall
The mask above the tears i watch days gone by
I've see close friends of mine tumble and fall
I fell along the way as well
Some stood up and move on hoping no one saw
Some stay on the ground and curse like hell
Some gave a good laugh and move on

i hope you'd be standing tall still

Everyone has some pride
little or none if you try to hide
From the little things you shared
To the little things i kept for many of my friends
Life gets stronger and extends well like a tree holding it's roots right beneath the soil

Sometime i just need to roam around other people to find my own happiness
Because i once did compare
Compare to those that has nothing left to share
Sometimes i read blog posts by others
Serve as a kind reminder
on how we should treat our life better than to let it rot over time

Comb the room for dust and error
why not view it as a pleasure
Once the dust are settled
Task and Task makes more sense and command crisp clear and better
Don't bring work home
Don't bring don't bring but don't mind some emails
It's a good clear of line in life for us to strike a balance
which i didn't back then when i thought i knew how to enjoy my work

3 minutes management skill takes 3 years of experiences to figure
3 minutes of speech might require that precious 3 nights of working late ot
Pluck you curse and swear and we know the history with a little bit learning
All the kings and queens with all that little known history
It's my blog so please don't mind the language,
Below in mix
English and Chinese




The above was copied from one of my friend's blog.
I might not understand the every bit or how to pronounce certain words.
But the true meanings are what makes it completely interesting to me.

Didn't party hard these days because i find it getting boring, more of like creating excel files and word docs planning for my daily budgets and not to overspend unnecessarily, between the entire duration and hopefully just in time for this coming July for the 14th intake with the first installment, if it goes well at least.

2009 is a very uncertain year, bad climate with all the global warming, bad economy. On the papers, on the screen or over the air. I was thinking to myself, if we can change the world overnight and if i think i can't, i go to bed. Throwing back the starfish back to the ocean from the shore doesn't save the planet immediately, yet making that little effort does make a difference. Still remember the good old story.

So this will be a good year after all.

The year where i need to spend real quality time with my family, enjoying my work and not to mentione doing what i do best but always almost not complete, my studies, some light hobbies and others that might come along the path.
With just some proper time-management looking at the pages, it's very possible.
It will be quite hectic but just seriously worth doing in a can-do-it approach.

Leave the history to library.