Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PS** Inspiration

Pretty great for the past 2 days except for some hiccups.

And it's only when i notice others then would i understand I'm living better.
Often, we tends to grumble about what life brought for us.Only us.

I took a cab back home, while on the long journey back. Looking at the open piece of land back then, with some current ongoing constructing of buildings on the exact same spot.Hey... that's profit.

Changes and changes are changing rapidly. 24 hours non-stop even if you don't care.
That applies to what comes onto our path. It might be a pebble for us to brush aside, a slippery cement floor we tripped or maybe start thinking we're just glad we can walk.

Mr Thomas was sharing with me about his life.He's 45 and going strong, and the economic downturn didn't impact him much. It's how much you gave and not how much you want in returns, if you calculate that much.

You stopped.

He's not bothered about how much losses he made that single day, he calculates for the entire month. With a family to feed, for children's tuition, for father allowances. With about 4k coming in per month, the process is tough he admits yet most of the motivation he gets that keep him going is his family. Nothing can compare to your child greeting you when you reaches home after a long day on the road. He shall works harder every time. He lives a lavish lifestyle and he doesn't regret spending that much too, started a business and failed as well. He doesn't blame or curse, neither does he swear that much.

"What will come, will come",he said.

I spoke to another driver this morning while on the way to work, he was worrying about his son. Heading to xxx country to continue his MBA in banking. You need to show that you have 70k in your account, and he mentioned currently they are facing issues on that.

Pretty late for work today, was physically and emotionally tired.

And perhaps a medical certificate can just save me so much more, keep me safe and i might even rest home for that day or two. Yet I'm glad i didn't do though i had that thought pouring in.

The two days of information sharing was so fun and i just love the interaction among people, sharing of information and just pure communication.

I'm glad i started the conversation.