Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random thoughts in hopping sequences,split sec

Energy level dipping real low, no power bars or any gels can boost my spirits after the marathon.
Need a lift.Lend me yours when i'm falling..pleeeeeease...

I've decided to finally reward myself on some early presents by the end of consists full three months of preparation.I don't know what it holds for my future, but it's the only chance to gamble ahead that will bring me out from the round-about via a helicopter with unknown fuel recorded on the meter,left in the tank away from the little island, for the entire great six years spent.

What have i been doing recently,
Went Pubs with Ronald(testing me with all the spirits,and my smell..gone.hah!)

Christine(bubbly blubbly...lovely),Desmond(professional in work & play) and plenty.Bumped into edwin at the taxi stand, bumped into colleagues.How small the world is?
Okay,Singapore.It's tiny,a dot on the map.

Chat up joy,thanks for the tray despite your periodic encounters,you're still truely professional, and your loves for chillis gave me a fright.Met up Deejay Marcus for that rowing, soon to be.

caught up George at PS Cafe for dinning,saw that many are there in total.the press kit doesn't say much, i'm seeing often,
yes...often on the road.perhaps the same few,perhaps that chunk.

Met up William for ultra snooker,i need to sell my cue online at ebay soon looking at the pace i'm going as a trainee.

House warming gathering by Vincent,how's that for pool by the balcony.
Plus celebration for Jamie's BD.
How's that together for quality time spent.Thumbs up!!!
Gosh, Shawn is getting heavier. Thanks for the sweets,uncle wally remembers you just like you did. Jamie was come you? Why he forgots about us?

Cos i'm wally,find wally.

And now Shawn will remember daniel as the....(drum rolls...) Jelly Fish Uncle.

Great.. Glad that wally sounds nicer than jelly... =)

Late night coffee session with Alvin,william & hong at some coffeeshop, you don't need much cash to enjoy at times.Simplicity...william stepped on some..くそ.
I gave him a ride, i washes the's fine now and it's funny.

Rest are more on work & work,piles on the table thrown by text.
just like some master and slave switches,the 2nd option.
The slave.

USD685.87 for 1k SGD, looking at the rate, 1 is to 1.458
Just how long can it last.Hmmm...Great question for self-doubt.
calculating my expenses, it's just weird to spend more than you earn.
Let me count it over again...Hmmm these for studies, these for food, these for the installments,these...these...

OVERLOAN!!! hahaha... not yet.

Now,time flies...Christmas is here, soon enough once i've finished typing..
Had a drive-past Orchard road yesterday, love the decoration this year.
Purple as the color theme is just so great,excellent choice.Brightens up the entire street.Brilliant, re-use pls for 2008.
Never felt so good about the lightings before.

Maybe, i didn't really pause for a while to even notice.
Guess I will now on.

Plenty of stuff to achieve for the coming year, it's building up on the white sheet.
Rest stays as a secret, till it comes.