Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm on Triumph.

The cost of a tank is 10x the cost of a troop (at the base cost of $100 and $1000). With a tank (at 10x the cost) you get 5x attack power, but 15x defend power. So if you were to average it out on dollar per point basis, you are getting the same number of average points per a dollar on a tank as a troop (a total of 10x bonuses for 10x the cost). Now if you want to break it down, and split out dollars per attack and dollars per defend then it changes slightly. You would have to break the cost into a 50/50 split, half going to attack and half going to defend That means that your troop costs you $50 for 1 attack and $50 for 1 defend ($100 total cost). This also means that you tank costs you $100 for 1 attack and $33.33 for 1 defend. ($1000 total cost)

What it comes down to is how you use your units. I don't use my tanks when I attack, so in essence I am paying $1000 per a tank for defense since they never attack (which may not be the smartest thing cost wise, but it has been working out wonderfully defense wise). I use my troops for both attack and defense so they are $50 on each side. So in reality, cost wise my troops are cheaper per a point since I utilize them for both attack and defense. Now of course I am not paying $1000 per a tank, I am paying somewhere in the range of $750 because of recruitment centers, but that's a whole different mathematical calculation.

Great info from Bob
**sometimes its just that we're plain too lazy to work out the simplest form of calculation.
And,a little seriously goes a long way.