Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marching 25 steps + the "boy" with the orange notice

4 o'clock in the morning, where are you floating to and which stages of REM are you in.
Well i'm kinda half asleep, and partly because i just reached home from office.That whole stretch of almost 75km to-and-back is enough to hack your back no matter how comfortable your seats are.

I seriously have no clue why i did headed back though,hmm not really because i've to, but yeah just to do some archiving.Thanks glad there's company from 10 till 3am.
2 lone souls sharing 4 packets of tea and 3 packets of coffee, just enough to make one puke from overdose.well i brought too much anyway.Ben seriously did a great help despite having to work tomorrow.

So indeed, two can seriously make workflow so much faster.I might stray from the objective if left alone.yeah,confirmed.
Thanks mate.Appreciate your kind efforts.

While on the way back home, i saw people camping...likely.
(in the color of sea and veggies).They have been there i guess for quite some time.Well, they are assisting to search for a guy who probably got lost in the jungle for a while.Being extremely playful, he left "home".

Right now, i guess it's not the right time to blame the parents.
or fault on the lock, whether the brand was good enough or just wasn't solid.
Time will tell everything.

About xx days and going, if you see him. call them.

Sometimes, we just need to seriously be less serious.
Good night..

i mean, morning.