Thursday, May 8, 2008

Serious Business

First of all, wishing a very happy birthday to;

1)Charlie C---(yes, sorry a belated one),didn't really have the opportunity to work with and to get to know him better, he will do well holding the new appointment,this I'm certain.

2)Yiew Peiling---(I'm sure you'd had a good celebration with family and friends,not forgetting... you know what(BT), you know who(BT).

3)Seou Mei---hope you're working great as well as partying hard.Congrats as well on your graduation.

4)Desilu Anne Nair---The one with wisdom tooth extracted, probably still having difficulties enjoying a nice meal,let alone munching dark chocolate and spending with books.Happy 26Th.

Happy birthday chums.Rodney you too,though i wished already and drank with. =)
Duh...I'm wishing and whispering to the air-ternet.

There are some things you picked up and some you dropped along the way.Life is interesting don't you think, it's like knowledge.More like knowledge management which i used to work in and glad i did participated.
Well, you must be thinking that life is more or less about papers.
Fighting and pushing hard for papers.Papers are important.

For some break, with coffee, bread and snacks.I was watching some documentaries and just happen to find something to ponder about...

-Who says huge,gigantic houses can't move...the communication part is serious business,every single alignment and every single inch counts when it comes to up to 200 tonnes and everyone is working stuff, house movers.

-You got 2 pandas each of different sex,trying to get one to make history in certain region.Well,Panda mates only once a year...all the frozen sperms and eggs, and it comes to a point where there's no such thing as a "bad sperm",with ratings up to 5 depends on the movement or eagerness. It's truly amazing how science has brought along.But yeah, i just hope all the destruction to the habitats should stop immediately as well.

-nine men down, journalists were killed and how one went back in search for the rest many years later to bring them back,home.

-Some places in the other part of the world, bicycles are donated for volunteers to travel for lessons in poor areas. It take an average family 2 years to save up in order to purchase a bicycle. How many cars or how much did you brought it for?hmm, serious thoughts for "Needs" versus "Wants"

Everything has a comma or full-stop, at least for the programme before the next one comes.Then i think to myself,"what's next...".

it's time i get a job...

no, a career.