Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer (夏天)

Who's going or recently went for a evening walk, leisurely along the beach?

Raise up your hands...(no response)Anyone??

That breeze blowing across your hair...right at that moment is just the hot spot for family picnic during the day, and couples during you know what timing. Well i guess not now perhaps, it's that period between the two main monsoon season in Singapore with the equal/higher amount of bird shits piling on your rooftop.Car Wash is good business.

Good Stuff are always in demand,

Temperature peaking a high of 3X°C and a low you & i never get to experience. I don't taste the raindrops anymore, never know if its some acid rain and you might be laughing, but it's going more on the extreme side years down.

Brought me some good old memories during school days where you are allowed to wear own clothes with some dress codes.I was the typical guy with that thick plastic spectacles, in t-shirt and Bermudas, walking around with that big portfolio. It's more practical.

My classmates ended up...

We all came in "smiling" dress code.
Talking about leading trends in fashion design.