Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Euro 2008 belongs to Spain

I guess about more than 10,000 Spanish fans are going to shave, or have shaved their heads.

This was the pledge to do so if Spain wins Euro 2008, and 20 out of the total will be more thrilled if they found out that they've won some of the 20 cameras that will be offered to those who took the pledge.Hair cut is big business right now.

That is history. Spain won and lifted the trophy once again ever since 1964.
The Spanish delivered the results, and i believe we can see from what the national team has to offer throughout the matches.

Both the German and Spanish delivered a good show for the world, I've seen both teams cheering for their teams during the entire match, and celebrating together even if their team did not lift the trophy. They understands that it does not only requires luck, but tremendous efforts and qualities to reach the finals. And that's the right spirit of football or for any other games, with no complaints.

As for me, another office guy.
It's time to head to work, lack of sleep holding my cup of coffee.
Still smiling.