Friday, July 4, 2008


Friday, my pockets are almost empty for the month after spending some 3000 on metal sheets today and buying things i like and might not come useful.

Looking at the brighter corner, i should be able to get back more in a while, meanwhile it's time to compare various mobile schemes and to choose the service provider with the plans best catered for my needs, and all these when I'm too dependant on something, in this case, my mobile. Feels really weird not holding one right now, sending and receiving the basic messaging services, making calls disturbing friends and being disturbed. I seriously need to tie a string connecting the phone to my belt.

Talking about expansion in which the more you expand your wallet capacity,
the smaller your notes seems to be.Perhaps the same theory that comes from my friends, no matter how fast your car can be when you steps on the accelerator and how much faster it goes, there is always a blind-spot and time to change parts to make it one of the fastest in its category. After which comes the cosmetics department, where you dress up and make tiny changes that you will forget after a while, so you ended up spending more. And these over a period becomes a habit, a very negative habit.

So in this case, it's never enough.

Talking about expansion here and there, it's just best to understand credit limits.

choose wisely, i used to do that blindly.