Saturday, December 20, 2008

My paper

I've been thinking quite a bit this week about self management, about work flow and processes. How to go about to get things done efficiently and lastly, maintain it and not stray off the track. Have tried writing out the concept, to-do-list right to the conclusion, if followed properly.

I lost my paper somewhere out there.

When should i really be taking the time to slow down and when should i take a bigger step forward. Setting the correct boundaries and getting clear on what is acceptable and what's not. Ground rules are there for a reason to be more productive.

Guess my notes are within reach.

This time last year was the period I've submitted my resignation letter for a company i love working for. To be exact the day on my bd. 4 months of handing and taking over and overall 5 interviews before confirmation.Thank you all for the efforts and concerns. To move on than to relocate to another department or company is still not what i need, a bold move when you know your pay slip will drop quite a bit after moving from one sector to another after 6 years with good prospects and expecting the economic downturn in the private sectors.
Then thinking about doing what you like most might change your mind, before it's conclusion time.Glad that my current scope and appointment allows me to undertake important roles, glad that my eyes are open to a wider perspective. I found love doing what i love most without getting to wake up early, caught in jams and flashing my pass to get entry.

So, i found my paper.