Monday, December 29, 2008

It all started on the 27th to 28th morning =)

10:30PM---Looking at the crowds at Clark Quay while waiting for kim, some are leaving home and some just got started. Decided to walk over to support Kenneth at Helipad. Great choice made. I love the place and the music you played.

1:15AM or so---Hopped towards Dxo to join gang(Double pearl & weina) for some more partying. I found my old skool friend, Vincent among the gang. What a small world.

2:00AM i guess--- Headed down to E-Hub K-Box for birthday celebration for Piao. He was waiting for us to cut the cake together, sorry for the waiting and that is so sweet for a guy don't you agree? Usually guys behaves slightly more gentle towards ladies, not here! :)

Piao, to you.
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday Happy Always,

Happy Birthday to you.

**To Fran who's birthday falls on this date as well. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!
**To both of you, your presents are coming right soon. It's in preparation, guys are always more clumpsy. Alright, shall not drag the rest...I'm more clumpsy.

3am---K-Box shuts down for the day, we headed towards Boat Quay for more rounds. Alvin headed down and meet us there for a happier session. =) Throughout the session, guess i didn't touch any glasses cause I know I'm tipsy, tipsy is just getting the right amount having lotsa fun than getting drunk. Double Pearl,150,Lam,Alvin,Cray0n,Piao and Kim, hope you enjoyed the night as well. :)

6am---We left home for the day. Another day. It was such a wonderful gathering with you guys and gals. Dare and True to everything.
You are happy people.
Love you HP. =)