Saturday, December 27, 2008

That's a really nice setup jace_e_soloist!!
New Year eve, i'm all yours buddy!
Let's party!!!

Daniel's ROM is coming tomorrow at 4 seasons, and i should be waking up at about 4 in the morning to head down to the fish port to get some fresh stuff for tomorrow's party with welson and gang. Wonder how i'll turn up fishy on his reception.

Just can't describe how i feel when i won't be working till next year!!
I still love my job, just that it requires a lot of technical stuff and customer relationship matters.All these indicates double concentration, even after work. All the absorbing of knowledge till wee hours drains a lot of energies. So perhaps my alarm is working, but not my brain when it's time to head off work.

My scope of field often transport my brain cells as far as 36,000 km from earth to just about few cm in length comparison. Just Love it. Hope that i'm able to manage my time wisely for studies this coming 2009.

But i'll leave my inbox open for any discussion, jam my mail box i've the time! weeee!!!