Sunday, January 20, 2008

Couple of meetings to attend,to take down notes,you get to burn the seats let alone warming hours.More often,your eyes are like darting around the conference room,looking for something much more interesting.Simply happens because the discussion is already out of the main subject you're in for.And not to forget the lecturers. Did i mention lectures for a total of hundred for the youth?
It's something that gives me back in return,their attentiveness and thirst for knowledge, it's something the experienced forgetful men must have forgotten,like the basic on switching your mobile phone to silent or so,leaving the room to pick up the calls etc.

There are no xxxxxx qns,but only xxxxxx behaviors that deserves a kick in the butt.
pardon me.It's the few black sheep,you're smiling right at fake.

How can we resolve problems that can be seen most of the time,in a place whereby everyone depends on.It's difficult,you need to be in the right position,you need to get down and dirty right to the bottom to resolve the issues,you've to pluck out the roots,it just grow back.I'd love to,but I'm not in the right position,yet.

The below seems very interesting,or perhaps more or less says something that happens throughout the week for me.Let's strive for a better tomorrow.

"Both management and HR, being professional, would always think of a win-win situation. It should not only be the concern of the management and HR to increase profitability. A good company should also consider the plight of its people. There is a saying that goes: a company can only be good as the people in it. I think a good company should not pay lip service to that particular quote but rather come up with ways to always have open communication with people, to find out what their concerns are, so that we can create a situation where both the company and employees will benefit."---------Adapted from the PMAP Newsletter, May 2002