Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life in split sec

Everyone is getting married.that's my first few thoughts,
Daniel said, time has come for the weddings,not about the trend but the time has come to remind us we're getting on the years,and it's pretty normal to be receiving endless invitation for that wedding dinner.
He's pushing his marriage earlier by years,so probably nearest date will be next year for proposal to joyes.And there's yet another house warming coming up this month.

Looking back on my growing up stages, it's just such a typical plot for adulthood.
You enrolled into kinder garden,got into primary school and you played a bit.
Time flies and U're into your secondary,school days are fun.

You show your interests in arts,you went for a interview that lasts for 5 minutes or so,you went for a drawing got selected.Got distinctions for couple of's just how you suit the taste of your lecturers,in've cash to spend.100bucks a day,you went into the college,had some arty-farty splash of talents there,though it's more of a commercial topic.ever wonder much artist looks so sloppy,or in your impression.They spent big bucks paying the school fees and more on art materials, they are broke.i guess so,they've made others rich in the pockets.
I'm one of the volunteers.

Then you got a letter,you've to serve the country for 2years and a half.Not knowing what to do, you had your head shaved,everyone just looks the can't really remember the person whom you chatted with moments ago.everyone is a recruit,waiting for orders,listening to instructions.knock it down knock it down.You've no clues,because you've the helmet on and you can't think.And time flies again...

You went out for work,you got the chance to taste the reality in life.
it's tough it's fun,it's's great,and you got your first pay-cheque.

Now,you got your career,credit cards,cash and're slogging hard for that last condominium on your wish list.
and time flies.

you met the person of your life.

People got married,
starts a family,
people having kids,
work hard all day long,
it's a cycle once again.

It's a cycle no one can avoid.
I do not wish to escape the reality in life as well,I'm just a simple person,trying not to complicate matters made by most professionals.

Believing things are always so much easier,camouflaged by the colourful tags in advertisements,stuff like that.

Never hope to run away from reality,but you just realise the job is not for you, not something you like.The only thing that favours your goals is the current salary.
It's a decision you've to make quick,to stay in the same old line that pays you slightly fat monthly income or to strive for something that is lacking in your life.

I've met one lady who lives her life to her very max,because the only thing short of in her life,is her life.She lives her life to the max,daily.And that motivates me a lot.Some things are wanted,some things are taught me the simple pleasures in life.thank you beatrice.

Finally realised I'm only having to live once in my life.
i wish to make my cycle more interesting and my life more fulfilling.
You start your day with a smile,and ends your night with one.

And,i will live my life to my very best.