Monday, January 19, 2009

3 times happier

So i think i had 4 hours of rest and some training tomorrow.Nice!

Jojo,Piao,Christin,Crayen and me. The super 5 had some drinks by the beach, accompanied by music and laughter before Christine leaves for Shanghai tomorrow for some match-making appointment.Okay I'm kidding, it's for Chinese New Year.

So how's the day.

Need improvement for self and others
1) Never wrap some clothes over your eyes when you're talking about the possibilities in technology, just that you haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not already around or available soon.

2) Never snap your fingers when you request assistance, it's offensive. And try not to continue snapping your fingers if you're ignored. Snap louder next time maybe i might hear it.

3) Don't add(act)dumb or smart. If you don't know, admit and don't lie.

Kept me happy
1) Happy smiles, handshakes and all the conversations.
2) New haircut new approach.
3) Learning new things every day, minimum one per day.Thks lun and piao
4) Music, coffee($1.45 just by showing your face without privilege card) or beer, and the bread as well, thank sl.
5) Mocha waving her tail when you open the door.

Life is interesting**!