Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The cough that doesn't wish to go away, doesn't make my day worse

The cough that doesn't wish to go away, doesn't really affect my day.
Seriously, who am i lying to.
Imagine when you are coughing uncontrollably all day in your workplace.
It's quite nice to wake up knowing that i'll learn something new today.

Basically i woke up about 6 plus in the morning and locked the doors at 7 plus.
For certain feeding of information, it will be best to gather some data beforehand. Then again, decision can change without you knowing, just like what it happen this morning with my sis(separated in short).Things are never the same again.

Talking about foot jobs, indeed i had quite a walk in the morning with my lappy and jac.
The area is so beautiful, beautiful if you consider the same piece of land you're stepping on and not across the ocean to another part of the shore. The roar in split seconds as you keep on walking, there comes another and usually in primary colours. The colors for that shape and tone surrounds me more often than my friends would have encounter.

It will.

So I'm glad despite reaching my destination slightly later, my speed-reading on some of the pages taught actually helps and managed to secure full marks for the test, not that my memory can last me very long to absorb everything. To some the marks might not mean much, it means a lot to me because it represents my mentors, those that took care of me because they believe, which i never forget. Kinda built right into my personality, stubborn fellow.

So i reaches home near 10 in the evening and my dinner about 11, I'm heading for the pillows.
Stubborn fellow is tired tonight.
Sweet dreams to you.