Friday, January 23, 2009

Engineering Connections and the Connections after

It's quite early for some, and it's getting late for work for some.
There's one thing for sure, something great holding the remote watching National Geographic Channel.

It(Info bar) says,

"The Keck Observatory had seen further into the universe than any other telescope on Earth. Richard tells you the engineering connections behind it."

Wait a minute, isn't that Richard from TopGear as well.
I didn't touch the button on the remote till it ends. Pretty interesting, added some contrasts between the two shows but yet on the same line with just some twist.

Reminds me of my teacher during my Science and History lessons, i don't fancy attending the classes because it was bored, the cars outside the windows seems more interesting than requiring to make eye contact to my teacher as a form of acknowledging. Maybe i should appreciate more, then again it's still bored. I took up Geography and Arts and it didn't stop from there.
I love Science and History.That was now because i feel parts of it, by understanding.

So now as an adult, into the working world. I can feel the effort he/she have given from that few hours to us, with love.

Conclusion: Never teach small children, unless you're prepared to have their understanding years after graduation. At least that's how i feel, as a student that thinks like a child.
Or a child that thinks like an adult.