Thursday, January 1, 2009


A brand new year, 2009.

Suresh back in town after completion of his studies, so we had a gathering at Brewerkz. The tunnel towards Clark Quay was packed with vehicles trying to squeeze through every bit of space and human traffic never seems so happening around the entire year, at that hour.

Some of the buddies are either committed to their partners or families for the countdown, we had lesser crowd this year.
Not that the fun went down any bit at all. =)
We have one of the loudest table around the area.

Brewerkz Name List
1)Anand & Unitha,
2)DJC & Jolene,
4)Wayne & Wayne

**Rest are somewhere out there, still doing great.

We fed the liver with nice stuff @ Brewerkz. i started talking to strangers, vice-versa.

**As I'm typing away, i think it's time to head out later for some beer with good music. Getting thirsty i wonder why.High chance due to the music I'm playing now.

We had our countdown by the river at Clark Quay before we head down to dbl o for more rounds. I can't feel the air con in the area, packed like sardines. O bar was so much better, until someone spills my drinks. It was great nevertheless with all the secrets disappearing on this first day of 2009.

Goodbye 2008 with hopes and dreams, Love you 2009 with actions.

So we finally left for home about 5 plus in the morning after some food and walking with no cabs in sight.

Met up Suresh for some lunch at WestPlaza before we head down to Giant,Century Square,Tampines Mall before joining his family for some nice dinner at Elias Mall. Oooo the place i used to work in before military days with uncle. Bicycles of all kinds, for any everyday joy dealing with bicycles. That was when the area was just developing and it's a good business, more importantly fun and understanding you, better.

Had a great day with S trying out the famous coffee and bread outlet, trying out all the clothing, comparing shoes and just walking around. Had lotsa fun playing at the racing machines at the arcade trying the cars you can only own with a token or so.

I lost the bet on the last race by some fraction,I'll own you one cup of coffee. =)

Tomorrow is the last day of my annual leave, shall make full use of it. Everyday of it 2009.