Wednesday, January 16, 2008

encrypted post you'd never understand

75 days more to go,excluding the weekends(or some hidden agenda) & public holidays.weee...(on husky mode).I'm not too sure about my feelings either,a blend of both perhaps,it's kinda late now,about 2,morning.I'm not feeling that fresh,just don't feel like heading into the pillows yet,more like banging my head against the wall in order for some deep sleep.
Lets see,what have i done these days,completed plenty of stuff,not much in relation to me.
It's more like having a long checklist,with a time-line tagged & you found out eventually there's nothing ticked on each of the boxes yet,absolutely nil. Weeee...a motivation,blank in the head.

I don't remember blogging,or having any clue on any resolution for this year.Nothing is really bothering more than my grammars and spelling mistakes here,was that a good sign or so,i'm having STM.great or was that a 20sec or lesser.lesser.just realise my ideas/concepts are like doing hopping on its own,before the completion for the 1st.Guess it's like neurons cutting off itself from the stream,when you missed the critical stages for development,gotta practise.

alright,pause the ^%&^%...
Shall pack the room,head back office for the lessons.

And if u're reading this right now,in my time zone at 2 in the morning.i sincerely thank you for reading,u can't sleep either.