Friday, February 8, 2008

D Day +2 encounters

Second Day of the CNY.Most of the chinese are perhaps celebrating,having gathering with family,relatives or friends.I'm in my usual outfit,most might call it as working.Just that someone just have to take up the role in turns ya. But yeah, was rather enriching i shall say,if i can't have a choice to change the entire situation base on my one man show, then i've to make changes to how i think about the whole plan.Was chatting up with a young lad, who wishes to major in tourism.I believe he will do great after the conversation and a lot more later.Kinda nice to know what one wants in a young age, looking back then...i'm still partying like no tomorrow.

During lunch,a lady in her late 40s in her job coming to 9 years till date, stressed by her workload. Although her task might seems little compared to her co-workers, hers requires dedication and observation to small details.
She told me she can't fall asleep everynight,and wonder if it might be due to her job scope. She need someone to talk to, i guess it's pretty normal for a lady in a still so called conservative environment to even voice out her needs to her friends/family members.

Just hope that after the chat session later, she will feel so much better. It doesn't feel healthy when you're in between festive sessions and you don't feel good.That's a horrible kinda feel,don't u feel??

That's my 15 mins of break.