Sunday, February 3, 2008

The technology that cannot give

Went for some late night car wash gathering at b's mscp,not that we can't afford the 6bucks car wash that doesn't really wash your car well at times,to leave traces of scratches one or two on your precious paint's the kind of session where a group of us can finally have some decent conversation together.

Example---well jojo doesn't feel like coming after a recent crash that might cough up approx. 5k i suppose from the's awfully bad since it's only about a month old and cny is coming.So with william,brian,ditwo & st rep.
we proceed with out hardcore sweating session where men work,with only william being the only motivated to do it once per year facial treatment for his babe that fetches his babe.

During the conversation,brian mentioned his dad just got diagnosed with cancer,not sure which stages yet,same lump that happens to his mum 2 years plus back.
it's been kinda hard on him recently,as a friend we hope uncle will be back and healthy soon.If there's a Lord,God Bless.It's all the support a friend can give that makes the diff.

everything will be fine.B.

it's the kind of sesson where everyone talks about anything,
and that makes us understand one another,not via msn,facebook,blogging,but
face-to-face communication.
I'm looking forward for some good news on the next round.