Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Sunshine

Spent most of my time at the hospital today,I'm glad 7th aunt(newly introduced by granny,we've a huge family i was told,my memories are limited as a child) was there to spend time with granny till she dozed off sitting.Granny was fast asleep, but opened her eyes when I'm just about 1 steps away to the bed. Guess I'm always sending out electric signals before i even reached

She had a bad fall, and injured her legs while fracturing her hip bones.i was told that the visit before me looks more like a gang fight(granny's fans) taking place than a visit to somewhere you should be quiet, like a hospital.

She's just one of the many elderly patients with bones weakened by osteoporosis, even by walking, may result in a hip fracture due to the old age about 50 onwards in age let alone 80 plus, in a fall.
she's good, looking great,rosy cheeks and that beautiful smile, generating more energy than I've currently.She's the power plant.

Far energetic than anyone else available in that department including the staffs.

Typical sunflower.More than beautiful, highly knowledgeable as well with the amount of books she reads usually is like me keeping d busy before the prelims.Keeping mind active is that important

After all the conversation, i understand there should be two types of fractures, & these may cause temporary disability, permanent, or even more severe complications, including blood clots, pneumonia, infections, and bleeding.I'm not too sure about the medical terms mentioned but we paid highly not to worry that much, which i shall leave it to the experts, the specialists and time shall flies,

granny will eventually get well after the operation tomorrow noon,

slow but steady.