Sunday, February 24, 2008

Left home about four on a Saturday morning.Guess most of you fast asleep hugging your colorful pillows,or out partying about to leave for home with that heavy breath of alcohol lingering,i'm out for support. it's all about training for the new blood till Sunday morning and sacrificing self-time for the old. it's all about high-noise and air pollution,large amt of cash pumped in for these kind results, enhancement for good purposes.

Laptop carrier filled with books,2 for the coming test on knowledge.i can't say it's that easy, with more updated information available.this will be a good guide for future references for those on management positions, and for those from the dusty ground.Also finished about 20 pages on psychology articles and 3/4 of Reader's Digest(highly recommended)

it all ended about 1 in the morning,Sunday. Left for CGH immediately in my filthy uniform.
Went over to visit Alvin's mum at the hospital,and see if there's anything i could assist.
Stay very strong,my friend.
Missed today's training at kallang,don't think i should go when minimum hours of sleep are not met, and having to choose only the boat or the bed.

i chose the 後半の.