Tuesday, February 5, 2008

kick butta

It'sa fruitful day,i hope tomorrow will be even better if everything is going according(To cause to conform or agree; bring into harmony.) schedule. Medical benefits are without doubt something that a organisation can bring to the staff for care and concern,at times it might become a loop-hole for those who wish to spend a little more time at home,everything is just way too perfect to plan. Mon to Thurs on leave and Fri on MC. it becomes assumption. it's my kinda conclusion if the whole thing happen over and over again,causing a delay in work process that are given promises and never be done,especially when u're holding a fat pay cheque.We're not giving speech,so things have to be on track. Things can never be done,if the person is giving his plan at the same time jogging on the spot 5 m away from the box he's intending to shift.
Efficiency is fading by time, no wonder...
And this little by little can generate a huge damage to the pockets of the organisation.And that's very bad in the long run, i just hope that the poc will be back on track soon for warming seats.And it's kinda rude not to inform beforehand,than to waste the precious efforts of others for coordinating the meeting.

It's going to delay my appointment at 3 tomorrow,looking at the packed time table with 2 rehearsals in a row,new coord for chinese new year eve celebration,and to visit another site for appointment. Sure,shit rows...that's how we learn to be flexible on the ground.

That's all for now,butt hurts gotta rest