Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Team Goals for June Race 2008:

1) Win a medal (be it gold, silver, or bronze) in an event during the June Race 2008
2) Reach the Finals for all events participated during the June Race 2008

What we need to work towards as a team:

Stroke coordination and pace synchronicity
To improve our start-up during races
Better communication i.e. everyone to be open to feedback regardless of seniority
Regular attendance for all training sessions
Achieve team “milestones” i.e. row non-stop for 10km
Visualization exercises to improve concentration and mental strength
Active recruitment to increase the talent pool of the team
Commitment to the team i.e. to be loyal to the team and stay on track of our team goals
Individual Goals for June Race 2008:

Increase fitness level: (i) strength – core muscles, upper body (ii) stamina
Meet fitness benchmarks i.e. guys to be stronger than Coach
Improve on rowing technique and strokes i.e. reduce splashing, increase reach etc
Introduce the sport to as many friends as possible
Attend all sea & gym trainings (work out on your own if unable to attend)
Be punctual for all trainings
Learn to visualize and apply the “mind over body” mantra
Reduce / increase weight (depending on individual)
Action plans in the new race season (to achieve team goal):

Meet 9.00 am every Sunday to start training earlier i.e. stationery row, circuit, run
Monthly fitness trials at beginning of the month
Maintain a team fitness / attendance log
Individual time trials for rowing
Monthly team-bonding activities
Dragonboat Training Open house / Recruitment Drives
Every team member to invite a friend to try out before Feb 2008
Implement visualization exercises nearer to race

"The Difference Between Where We Are & Where We Want To Be Is What We Do"