Monday, November 19, 2007

Beautiful Monday, the Best.

Finished much of my allocated tasking, and completed even more than targeted.
Finally out for a break tonight with the bachelors except a few.In fact i just got home from the gathering,a great location, nice food and beers. Argh....Great. =)

your friend is the bartender, he brings you around,up and down. He gives you an introduction to all the little pieces of decoration, it just brought more enlightenment to my memory bank. Halo...

Never forget the conversation with Martin,Ronald,Keano,Daniel & Mabel.Great fun after a tiring day.I'm living finally after a while.You're right, if i don't work harder...i will not enjoy my laughter fully, which I'm glad i did tonight.

Thinking back....(bubbles floating in mid air)

This evening,while on the way home accompanied by some light music, a truck ahead gives a hazard signals on a one-way traffic, indication of cyclists cycling on the road under very dim condition,salutes you for that... We need more of you.Another was while waiting for the train to pass the track,and the barrier to lift once again.Observing 2 foreign workers sitting behind a truck, observing them right from behind, well nothing else catches my attention anyway.

Seems so tired after a day of hard work,i shall call them Mr Left & Right instead of A/B.After some minutes of silence between the two, obviously sitting right beside one-another yet looking at different direction, with nothing interesting in sight.
Mr Right took a peek at Mr Left, and therefore handed over a biscuit, insisting Mr Left to accept the offer. And well Mr Left did, they started talking and certainly created so much of a difference in a otherwise zero conversation during that period,
just imagine if Mr Right didn't start making the first move(biscuit giving), Mr Left won't.Simple as that and all these happening in the first place just doesn't exist.

Just watch the transition, sit beside me and you be amazed at the before & after picture.
How the body language tells most, if not all of the story.

At times, it just takes a little more extension to make people feel better.
What you did today Mr strangers, you've made my day as well without knowing.

My Monday, the Best Monday.