Thursday, November 29, 2007


A man rushed up looking lost, he asked us if we sees anyone with a blue tee running away with a bag.

Left his car keys in the bag,and head back to see one guy picking up and when he shouted, the guy ran away with his bag.He's very worried, there's everything inside the bag,his ID card,wallet,car keys,house keys,and he's wife is currently overseas.

What happen if the guy heads to his home when his wife reaches home?
Now he need someone to fetch him to his mother-in-law's house to get the spare keys.

The police are now doing their patrol within the area,searching for the guy in blue that matches his description.
This gentlemen in his late 40s to 50s, approaching you telling the story.
You rejected his request for a hitch, but you can drop him at the nearest police station.But he seems lost,and ask if you can lend him 20bucks for cab fare.
And he promised to return you when everything is settled.

Now,picture the above again.
How true is it?

Well, sounds so true.I gave him 20bucks for a cab later.

Another man(a delivery man) approaches me and stopped him,explained to me he gave Mr 'lost' 20 bucks earlier on.
And it's more than sufficient to reach his destination.

Hmmmm...something fishy, when obviously "west coast" & "chai chee" is two separate location apart.Mr 'Lost' replied it's not enough,not enough...

Now,i gave a look without kindness & words. He returned us the cash.
Not that the cash bothers me that much,it's the breach of trust we gave to him.

Just wondering if i did gave him a hitch, does he goes to another location to get 'robbed' again?

It's sad to encounter but looking on the brighter side, i've learnt something i can't pick up on the pages as much as i wanted to.
Both me and the man who gave him our "Trust".

I did not see him again,upon return to the location 5 mins later.
Trust...What a wonderful world for someone doing the 'subject' to be ripped of.

Reminds me of some great memories,
and the airport was my second home back then

Trust.Years back I've lots.
I broke her heart, i chose career.
She's happier now with another,and I'm glad.

My philosophy is simple,
"If you can't make her happy,let her go"