Saturday, November 10, 2007

East Coast Park 16km

Did a great 16 km jog with Brian, nice enough for some conversation along the way.
It's great having a company, you need one in fact.
As usual, I felt the need for food at about 8km...Even a small kit-Kat should do fine.
Thinking back about the little girl who gave me one, i took during SCM last year.

Thank you so much, you saved my life.

Especially when you're running past restaurant & food centres, with all the delicacies on display, it's a torture for me.Talking about endurance...

I was telling Brian about the needs & wants in life, and you only get to know your needs at your lowest point.Philosophy... =)

Frankly speaking, i don't really fancy putting on that pair of running shoes.
Just that it feels real great completing something you hate most, and nothing in life is impossible to achieve when you've the worst over. Plus it helps to maintain my fitness, if not improve.

More to come.

Well,we had some great food after that,while I'm concentrating on my food with all my heart & soul, Brian must be drooling over the ladies sharing our table.Okay...we shared theirs.
Great day spent, tomorrow will be even better. =)
I know.

Row Row Row the boat,
Hey you shouldn't stop,
He or She
Me and you
Row Row Row...
Me and Her
He or you
Coach says row...Wayne
Row Roll Row.