Monday, November 12, 2007

Mustafa trip on Bachelor evening(1111)

"A hungry man is a very angry one", don't you agree?

Well you see,it proves that shopping on an empty stomach does affects your judgement while browsing for items, & you may grab the wrong groceries you don't really need instead.
So watch it, fill your stomach before you empty your wallet in double-quick time.Hmm...need confirmation from the ladies.

Met up my old school mate,Mr Frank for some late night supper before the Mustafa visit
You're gaining weight Frankie!!

Great bowl of Yong Tau Fu(stuffed bean-curd), cost me 8 bucks.i don't know why,but just great.
I'm a happy man.Yummy.Not sure about the place, but will be back soon.

Time flies,brought plenty of stuff,CD-R(100),socks,bulb, ti-bits(cheezels,muruku,chips & snack-noodles) in great volume, yeah real great.
Finally paused for a sec before leaving the building,i forgot something for daddy.
Brought him a turbo.

Yeah, turbo...
Not the Porsche Frank is mentioning(Renting a Porsche in Germany since there's no speed limit on the Highway,& pls you need 2 credit cards beforehand, depending on your credit limits), never tried before,never will(on 'G' note), last was a very fair black lady from Steven.

It's a handy turbo I'm talking,the only turbo i can afford at this moment

"The Best a Man Can Get".
This slogan sounds just too familiar?The power of advertising. =)

Na, lets stay simple.

For you Dad.
Love you always,