Friday, November 9, 2007

Deepavali Giving

That was on Deepavali Eve, my second pack of blood for this year.Everything went fine until the verification part, i couldn't produce my identification card, and that's the correct procedure though. Took some 20 minutes to get another photocopied.Long story, but i got the privilege to go first looking at the queue, as I'm indeed rushing for time.
It's my giving for this Deepavali, I'll continue so if I'm still able for a long time to come...many packs. =)
Let's talk about Deepavali
also known as "The Festival of Lights"(Diwali).
Celebration the victory of light over darkness & good over evil.The preparation itself can be very tedious indeed, but an effort worth after all indeed.Yes...(nod head)
Spring cleaning start weeks beforehand like how most celebrates yeah.
With cakes, little tidbits,and i was told there's murukku..that's the one on the hot list.
And favourite foods with new clothes of the departed are placed on top of banana leaves,as Hindus believe departed souls will return.
There's also the traditional oil bath, which the lady of the house will light a lamp with a Morning Prayer observed,followed by dotting the foreheads of the family members with holy ash that signifies life is not permanent, the ladies will wear the red pottu or bindi on their foreheads.Younger members of the family are then presented with gold or silver coins on a betel leaf as part of the blessings.
Pretty ladies will then decorate the entrance of the house with decorative designs made with coloured rice flour, called Kolam.
Oh yeah, temple visit comes next.
Of course, there's more than that in fact.Pretty interesting, kinda still remember the days in my college, where i did a presentation on Hinduism and Japanese tea ceremony to the class as a project we chose from the given list.
Just so lovely. Simple days...hanging out at Kinokuniya or NLB after skool.
The day where most celebrates, i chunk the flowers and the seeds.
Didn't purchase any books either after a long day.
I spent the special day drafting.
That's my celebration perhaps. =)
Sure did.
Let it develop
Let it flourish
Let it bloom by itself
Sure did.