Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pure sweat Tues

Pure exhaustion for the morning,spent 2 hrs doing more strength training than usual.
15 rounds on the track, that's equivalent to 6km in total.
Not much of a distance today, it's the amount of rounds around the track plus all the static exercises. Drops of sweat dripping down, that just sparkles like diamond under the sun.
How rich...

Time is getting real quick, 17 more days to come and it's not some walk in the park.
Na it's the same...Everyone owns the same time,just how much are you stretching yourself on all matters.
I saw the little dots, the loops,u-turns,uphill and down slopes with the whole stretch of route beyond line of sight on foot.
I've it pictured in my mind months back, it's getting exciting.Okay, who am i kidding...

One thing for sure...hunger after 8km.
This time round,my power gels are ready, I'd need 4 or maybe 5 & shopping time soon, oh yeah and the goodies collection coming round the corners.
Time to make adjustments to my eating and sleeping habits.17 more days...
More than 2, or rather less than 3 weeks.

i need motivation...

Heck that,songs will do.