Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Chinese New Year.

First of all, wishes all a prosperous new year. ;)

On the day of CNY eve,

Went for a grp of 5km cadence run, with the 2 system up in place way before that for music & voices.Trust us,we're that had a great laughter before it even starts, due to an object on the ground. Giggling almost throughout the entire hill trip.

Half way through,

Encountered a man that seems to be in his late 80s running with some form of anger in a shell of a little man small in build,with the tongue dangling out we were told.Obviously for a reason.
He shouted vulgarities at a junior, asking on some enquries during the run.
then again we just thought someone senior should be able to handle and compose himself much better than anyone else.Not for him in particular for this case, poor soul.

Typical Type A personality.small in size blown by shadows.

Well a great day nevertheless,it's 8th now.I got calls for Chijmes and majong session,which i'm not very good at and decided to give it a go,by staying home.

There's some very cool channels going on,one of which is a assembling of 599 with different factories side-by-side for different, leather and care,engine,paint works etc.

It's take a full 2 mths for a complete work,well it says.And a 2 years for the eager awaiting.

200 thousands euro...what was that.Well,simply put.A rich man's hobby.

Time for a farmer like me to continue my little journey for now,i've abt 5 more hours to merge into the green field.Till then.